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In peace prepared: The Queen's Own Rifles of Canada from 1950 to the 21st Century McGregor, Charles

Octavo. Illustrated dust jacket with photographs in text. A modern history of the Queen's Own, Canada's oldest infantry regiment. The author includes accounts of the deployments to Korea, Cyprus, West Germany and their recent time in Afghanistan.

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The Battle of Kwajalein - January 31st of 1944
The Battle of Kwajalein, opposing US and Japanese troops, on January 31st of 1944.
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Grenadier Militaria - Milirary Collection - store - exhibition

Grenadier Militaria

A one of a kind military collection - part store, part private exhibition

Based in Montréal, Grenadier Militaria combines the private Great War collection of Mark Cahill with a commercial bookstore, offering rare and out of print military books. Additonally, Grenadier Militaria is proud to have a unique study library, devoted to sources from and about the Canadian war experience during World War I.

The Grenadier team invites its clients to browse the shelves and browse the collection for a truly unique experience!

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Below is a simplified description table for the posters offered by The Grenadier. (each lower grade may contain the flaws listed in the higher grades):

Condition A+
Mint. Like new: rarely seen in original vintage posters.

Condition A
This poster has no paper loss, has retained fresh colors, and has no restoration. It is very clean with fresh, bright colors. It may not be perfect, but any minor flaws are unobtrusive and not harmful to the image area.

Condition A-
The poster may have minor, unobtrusive restoration, perhaps minor age toning, evidence of folio folds. Colors are strong. Any minor paper loss will be confined to the borders, not affecting the image area. This is the "normal" collectable condition for original vintage posters.

Condition B+
The poster may have minor restoration, perhaps minor age toning, and evidence of folio folds (like those graded A-) which may have been retouched. Colors are strong. Any minimal repairs will not detract from the quality of the image. They may have minor paper loss, usually limited to the border area, which may have been replaced. Evidence of tape residue or removal may be visible in the corners or border area.

Condition B
Posters in this range are usually described as being in "very good condition." There may be unobtrusive restoration of small missing pieces and/or repaired tears at the edges or at folio folds, but the work will not be detrimental to the quality of the image. Colors are fresh and the restoration is not considered "significant."

Condition B-
The paper may show minor evidence of handling. Paper toning may be evident. Paper acid burns at original folio folds may be evident.

Condition C
This poster is in fair to good condition with need for restoration or with restoration work which is evident. There may be minor paper loss, some fading in the image area, folds, or tears. The image, however, is intact and the artist's intention is evident. “C” posters may show visible wear, fold lines, tape residue or light foxing. These posters will have had professional, archival restoration work.

Condition D
This grade denotes a poster with significant flaws: missing pieces, serious fading, poor restoration, dry mounting, etc. Such posters are not considered collectable.